Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Officer Callahan "at center" of assault investigation

Officer Liam Callahan, who as you may know got the Connecticut Board of Mediation and Arbitration to rule that body snatching is not grounds for firing a policeman, is the subject of an assault investigation (Norwalk Advocate). He is merely a suspect; nobody has accused him of anything yet. I certainly hope that there is nothing to this story. But the incident gave the reporter, John Nickerson, an opportunity to recap the story thus far:
  • On Memorial Day, 2005, Alfred Caviola tragically died in a car accident.
  • According to an internal investigation by the NPD, Officer Callahan stole part of Mr. Caviola's skull, and bragged that he was going to make an ashtray out of it.
  • The state Board of Mediation and Arbitration found that the facts were as the city alleged, but ruled that body snatching is not valid grounds to fire a police officer in Connecticut.
  • Officer Callahan returned to the Norwalk Police force, against the will of the city, his commanders, the overwhelming sentiment of his fellow officers, and the citizens (not that they have any say in the matter of course.)
  • The city offered the Caviola family an undisclosed sum of money for their grief.
  • Officer Callahan is investigated for brandishing a gun in a men's room in another town.
  • The city's counsel said that neither the family nor their lawyer contacted the city about the offer, "which he called unusual."
So summing up, we've gotten to the point where stealing body parts, making them into ashtrays, brandishing guns in men's rooms and outrageous violations of our citizens' right to a democratic and responsive city government are all usual -- but a grieving family that doesn't grab at a juicy settlement is somehow "unusual."


Anonymous said...

Your Calling us unusual? Half of the story isn't even here and not to mention you forgot to tell the part about how he "Forgot" about putting it in his locker for three days until it smelt and someone noticed..I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE LIKE THAT IS SUPPOSE TO PROTECT AND SERVE. NOT TO MENTION HE STILL HAS HIS JOB!!!!!

Jeff Hall said...

> Your Calling us unusual?

No, I am not. It was the City Counsel who was quoted as calling the family's actions "unusual". Any reasonable person would call them the actions of a group of decent moral citizens.

(And I'm sure that the attorney is himself a reasonable person, which makes his verbal slip even more telling about the state of the law in Connecticut!)

Caviola said...

What if it was your loved one or even you then would it be acceptable?? Would you like someone taking a piece of your mother or fathers skull and using it as an ashtray? This is completely insane! A police officer is suppose to protect and serve us...Not disrespect us. This is disgusting. The thought of someone doing that to my grandfather hurts me so bad inside. That day was all bad for my family in the first place then we had to deal with something that should have never happened! People shouldn't have to worry about things like that we should be able to trust our officers. I don't understand how "officer" Callahan was only suspended for three months WITH PAY!! WTF is that?? a vacation for doing something like that? He must have family or good ties in the department. My grandfather was such a great man and I loved him so much. Callahan did one of the worst things you could do to a family in that situation as we went through our grieving process. I am completely outraged! And for the record we didnt want to settle out of court because we wanted to prove a point. It wasn't about the money at all. We got less then half of what we would have got out of court. We wanted to make a statement that he was wrong and that this is wrong and that things like this should never happen to anyone. He should honestly be put into an looney bin! He's crazy. He thinks like hitler. It's been almost 5 years but it still hurts inside and it has affected my families living situations greatly. We will rise above this but we pray that no one has to go through the digust and dissapointment we did. I don't even trust cops now. Thats not right. Thanks to all of the people who understand our side and don't understand how people could think otherwise. Most judges don't even stand for DWI's but they hardly fought for a reasonable punishment for him. This man still has his job. Does this make any sense? Does anyone want this man to come to your house and help you if their is a problem? Not me! RIP AC

Jeff Hall said...

Caviola: "Callahan was only suspended for three months WITH PAY!! WTF is that?? a vacation for doing something like that? He must have family or good ties in the department. "

That's just not the case. The law in Connecticut makes it very difficult to fire public employees -- the Norwalk Police Department had to try very hard (and spend a lot of money) to get this officer off of their rolls.

Caviola said...

IDC it's besides the fact that our society makes me sick he should have been just fired and never be able to work for the state again. That is common sense. HELLO!! What is wrong with this world????