Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sex and the single personality cult member

The Obama campaign released this incredibly creepy campaign commercial to attract young female voters.  Because, ya know, nothing's better for attracting women than desperation.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Reading faces

I went for a walk in the Ornamental Gardens today during lunch, partly because I am a lover of the cultured and beautiful, but mostly because I wasn't watching where I was walking and wound up there.  At the north entrance into the park from the garden, there's a bench in front of a low brownstone wall, with a grassy hill in back of the wall.  Sitting on the wall with his feet on the bench was a man holding a baby.  His wife was holding a camera.  She was trying to get the baby to sit still for the picture.

"Stop wiggling.  That's it.  Don't you look nice!  Now say 'Cheese!'"

"No!"  (this was the baby, not the man)


"No!  No!  No!"

The man had the sheepish "aw come on, I'm not that bad" look that guys have when they have something to apologize for, but I assumed that I'm just not any good at reading faces.  As I walked past the woman said, "I'm going to kill your mother for teaching him that word."

Monday, October 08, 2012

Two dedicated employees

According to the Hour, someone reported suspicious activities on the roof of the UPS building last night. When the police got there, they surrounded the building and then caught a man and a woman on the roof.  Their excuse? The man said that they were UPS employees:
The suspect went on to say that while he and his coworker have an alarm code to get into the building, he couldn't get his keys to open the front door, so he hopped on the roof in an attempt to drop the package through a window leading to his boss's office.
When asked why he had to drop off the package on a Saturday night, the suspect said it was time sensitive and that his boss needed it
Pretty lame, huh? But here's the rub: the police called UPS security and found out the man's story was true. He couldn't get in to deliver the package, so he went up on the roof to throw the package in through a window. Now that's a dedicated delivery company.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Quote of the day

Well you've got to hand it to Mitt Romney, 'cause President Obama sure did.
- Seth Meyers, after the first Obama-Romney debate.